How often do I need to get inspections?

We have a regular schedule of when inspections are needed and will give you that list when you receive your permit. An example of our inspection form is below. We are here to help you with your project and make this process as smooth and painless as possible. The end goal is a safe structure that meets current building codes.


How far in advance do I need to call and schedule inspections?

It is nice to have a days notice but in some cases that is not always possible. Call as soon as possible to make arrangements.


Do the inspections cost money?

No, the costs of inspections and on site meetings to answer questions are covered in your permit fees.


What if I have a question about the size of a beam or a code requirement and need to talk to an inspector?

We encourage you to call the inspector to get answers to your questions.  We want to help you get through questions as they arise.