Building Permits


How much do building permits cost?

The cost of the permits are to cover the cost of the required inspections.  Please review the fee schedule.  


Is there a building permit form?

Yes.  Please fill out our building permit form


What are the City of Lander standards and specifications?

The following document contains the Wyoming Public Works Standards and Specifications and should be reviewed before working on a project.


What are the fencing requirements?

Fencing requirements can be found here.


Do you have a nonconforming setback or utility installation registration form?

Yes.  This form allows a landowner to register with the City of Lander Building and Zoning departments when nonconforming building setback(s) or utility service line installation exists on your property.  For a list of required structure setbacks see sections 4-12-1 thru 4-12-8 at this link.  Accessory structure setbacks are found here in section 4-11-8 items 8 thru 11.  Front setbacks are measured from the foundation to the lip of the curb (where the concrete gutter meets the asphalt).  Side and rear setbacks are measured from the foundation to the lot line for all side and rear yards.


How much will a building permit cost?

The permit costs are based on the value of the structure or the project. If it is a new structure, or a remodel, it is based on the actual cost of the remodel. Using a chart showing structure values, the actual permit cost is a portion of that value. Please call the Building Inspector for exact costs.


How long does it take to get a permit?

If you have all of the information we need, it can take minutes. You will need drawings of what you are proposing to build, sizes, where it sits on the property in relation to the property lines, information on what kind or type of construction you are proposing such as wood, masonry, or steel and the actual costs you are expecting.

How long is a permit good for and what if I don't get finished by the time it expires?

A permit is only good for 180 days generally but as long as work is proceeding and moving ahead in a timely manner, an extension is as easy as a phone call. If work stops for some reason and time expires and no work has been done for some time, it may be necessary for you to reapply for a new permit.


Can I do the work myself on my project?

Yes you can. Local and state laws permit you to do your own work if you choose on however much of your project you may choose to do. You will be required to meet all the Code requirements that apply to the work you are doing, but a phone call to set up a pre-build meeting with your inspector will answer any questions you may have and keep you from getting in over your head.