Street Sweeping Operations on Lander’s Main Street to Take Place Later this Week

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Street Sweeping on Main Street

Street sweeping operations will be taking place on Lander’s Main Street during the early morning hours on Thursday and/or Friday morning (March 21-22, 2024).  


To help this project go smoothly, we kindly request the cooperation of Main Street businesses. If you own a business along this thoroughfare, please sweep any accumulated debris from your sidewalks into the street, allowing our sweepers to efficiently clear it away.


Additionally, we ask residents and visitors to refrain from parking their vehicles on Main Street during the early morning hours on Thursday and Friday. This will provide our street sweepers with sufficient space to navigate the parking lanes efficiently.


Safety is important and we encourage all motorists to exercise caution when driving along Main Street during these operations.


We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we work to remove the debris accumulated over the winter months. For any inquiries or concerns, please feel free to contact City Hall at 332-2870.