Spring Storm Plowing Plan for City of Lander

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Snow Removal Plan

Following a significant snowfall last night, the City of Lander is currently plowing as a result of the storm. Given the wetness of the snow, our priority lies in addressing first-priority routes, namely Emergency and School Routes, followed by second-priority routes indicated in red and blue on our priority map. As the snow is expected to melt rapidly, we currently do not intend to plow third, fourth, and fifth priority routes and beyond.

The saturation of the snow dumps within town poses challenges for our dump trucks to navigate on the saturated ground. At this time, we will not be removing and hauling the snow on the first and second priority routes during this storm.

For any inquiries or concerns regarding this plan, or to inform us of significant safety issues, please don't hesitate to contact City Hall at 332-2870 ext. 113.