City of Lander Honors Wyoming Professional Water and Wastewater Operator Week

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Photo Credit Jared Kail Middle Popo Agie River

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon's proclamation of February 5-11, 2024, as Wyoming Professional Water and Wastewater Operator Week is met with celebration by the City of Lander. The significance of February 5th lies in its historical importance, marking the inception of Wyoming's inaugural operator certification rule in 1975.  This special week acknowledges the dedication and hard work of professionals responsible for managing vital water and wastewater systems, essential for our community's well-being. Often laboring tirelessly, these individuals operate around the clock and in challenging conditions to ensure the safe and efficient functioning of our infrastructure.  

In the City of Lander, we are fortunate to have 11 certified professionals who serve as pillars in maintaining the integrity and reliability of our water treatment, distribution, wastewater collection, and treatment operations. Their tireless efforts are indispensable to our community, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude for their unwavering dedication.

Kim Parker, the operator certification coordinator for the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, underscores the invaluable role of these professionals in upholding public health and environmental integrity. She emphasizes the multifaceted nature of their responsibilities, which extend beyond technical expertise to encompass stellar customer service, regulatory compliance, and transparent communication with elected officials. Parker stresses the significance of recognizing the breadth of skills demanded from certified operators, whose contributions significantly enhance the quality of life in Wyoming.

Across the state, approximately 1,800 operators serve in 435 facilities, collectively safeguarding public health and environmental sustainability. This week serves as an opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate their invaluable contributions to our communities.

Reference article: WDEQ Celebrates Wyoming Professional Water and Wastewater Operator Week, February 5, 2024