City of Lander Embarks on a 2024 Master Plan

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Photographer Jared Kail City Park 10

In a decisive move towards shaping the future of Lander, Mayor Monte Richardson received authorization at this week's City Council meeting to engage Ayres Associates in crafting the 2024 City of Lander Master Plan. This strategic initiative marks a significant milestone, with the city's last comprehensive master planning process dating back to 2012.

Master plans serve as compasses for communities, charting courses for development and progress over the ensuing decade or more. With many of the objectives outlined in the 2012 Master Plan either accomplished, in progress, or rendered obsolete, the time has come to realign priorities in accordance with the evolving needs and aspirations of Lander's residents. The past master plan encompassed a wide spectrum of topics, spanning from land use and natural resources, community and economic development, community design, intergovernmental relations, and transportation.

The forthcoming 2024 City of Lander Master Plan will pivot around four domains. Foremost among these is a comprehensive strategy for parks and recreation, complemented by an in-depth analysis of housing needs and economic dynamics, as well as a thorough zoning review. Additionally, the project will assess the cemetery and airport facilities, aiming to optimize their functionality and alignment with community objectives.

According to Jason Byrd, acting Parks Foreman with the City of Lander, "This master plan is a pivotal moment for Lander to come together and help shape the use of our public spaces. With the recent expansion of parks within our community, we look forward to working with the public as we move toward the future."

A public engagement process lies at the heart of this endeavor, with a series of focus groups slated to kick off in May, facilitated by Ayres Associates. Residents keen on contributing to this visioning exercise are encouraged to reach out to Anne Even at City Hall via email at aeven [at] or by phone at 332-2870 ext. 113.

Joshua Olhava, Western Planning Lead at Ayres Associates, expressed enthusiasm about the upcoming collaboration, noting, "We are eager to embed ourselves in the fabric of Lander, listening intently to the community's aspirations and leveraging our expertise to translate these aspirations into actionable strategies." Ayres Associates, a distinguished employee-owned firm specializing in community planning, boasts a national footprint with offices in Wyoming, Colorado, and beyond.

The updated Master Plan will encapsulate the overarching aspirations and vision of the community, and serve as a decision-making guide in the years ahead. The project is anticipated to be completed and ready for review and adoption by the Lander City Council in December 2024.

Further details pertaining to the City of Lander Master Plan will be disseminated to the community as they become available.


**Photo Credit Jared Kail