Some Lander Residents May Experience Reduced Water Pressure on Thursday

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Waterline Upgrades

The City of Lander is advising residents in the Buena Vista Drive and Hunt Field Airport area that they may encounter reduced water pressure on Thursday, November 9, 2023.  This temporary condition is a result of necessary waterline upgrades near the rodeo grounds.  The City’s staff will be implementing a new tie-in.  SageWest Health Care is on their own system and will not be impacted by the upgrade.


Water discoloration may occur in the area as flow directions may be shifted, which can disturb sediment within the system.  We want to assure residents that although the water may appear discolored, it remains safe to drink.


What to do if you experience discolored water:

  • Do not be alarmed:  Discolored water may look unusual, but it is typically harmless.
  • Let the water run:  If you encounter discolored water, we recommend allowing your taps to run for a short period.  This will help flush out any sediment that may have been stirred up during the flow adjustments.
  • Water safety:  Rest assured, the water remains safe for all normal uses, including drinking.


The City of Lander appreciated your understanding and cooperation during this necessary infrastructure improvement.  If you have any questions or have issues with your water, please reach out to City Hall.