From the Chief


Lander Police Department Mission Statement

 The men and women of the Lander Police Department are committed to fostering a positive relationship with our community partners by providing excellent public service, reducing the fear and incidence of crime, and improving the overall quality of life for those who live, work and play within our city.


Lander Police Department Values

 We are service oriented and see this community in a partnership role.  Our citizens are our partners as well as our clients and customers.  We place our greatest value on protecting human life and human dignity.

As those who bear the public trust in our service, we are accountable to each other as well as the citizens whom we serve and are the sources of our authority.

We thoroughly investigate complaints against our employees or procedures.  We will make appropriate corrections and take proper action when we are wrong.  We will also defend our employees and procedures if they are found to be correct, regardless of political or popular pressure.  We pride ourselves on being transparent and subject to review about how we conduct our business.

We are proud of our profession as law enforcement personnel and commit ourselves to always act in such a manner that brings credit to our profession, our agency, and ourselves.  We strive to fulfill the canons and standards of ethical conduct for law enforcement personnel.

We pride ourselves on being capable and caring people who are called upon to provide a service for the citizens of Lander that is both important and satisfying to those of us engaged in it.

In our partnership with the community we serve, we are dependent upon their trust.  Because of this, we can only serve effectively to the extent that we are credible; individually, as an agency, and as a profession.  Any credibility we achieve is born from our complete dedication to serving with integrity.

Whether commissioned or civilian, full-time or part-time, paid, or volunteer, we are proud to belong to this agency and to support these values.