LVFD Announces Halloween Safety Tips and Trick or Treating Opportunities

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Halloween 2023

LVFD Announces Halloween Safety Tips and Trick or Treating Opportunities


The Lander Volunteer Fire Department (LVFD) is pleased to announce a collaborative effort with the Lander Police Department and Fremont County Sheriff’s Office to ensure a safe and enjoyable Halloween for our community  We invite all residents to join us on Halloween from 3:30-5:00 PM at South 4th and Main for treat and essential safety information.  Trick or treaters are also welcome to visit City Hall during the same time frame for treats.


Eric Siwik, LVFD Chief, expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming community events and Halloween celebrations.  He emphasized the importance of safety, saying, “We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Halloween and takes part in many of the activities the community has to offer.  Please remember to carry a flashlight, ensure your costume is safe, and be visible to drivers.  It is important for adults to trick-or-treat with their children to help keep them safe.”   


In support of our commitment to Halloween safety, LVFD encourages everyone to follow the guidelines provided by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).  These tips include:

Choose Safe Costumes: Avoid costumes with long trailing fabric that can pose a tripping hazard. Ensure that any masks worn by children have large enough eye holes for good visibility.

Enhance Visibility: Equip trick-or-treaters with flashlights and glow sticks to help them see and be seen by passing traffic.

Fire Safety: Keep all decorations, especially those involving open flames, away from potential heat sources such as light bulbs and heaters. Verify that smoke alarms in your home are in working order and that fire exits remain unobstructed. Statistics indicate that approximately 800 reported home fires each year are started by decorations, with over one-third of these fires ignited by candles.


LVFD, along with the Lander Police Department, Fremont County Sheriff’s Office, and City of Lander, are dedicated to ensuring a safe and festive Halloween for all.  By adhering to these safety tips, we can make this Halloween enjoyable while minimizing risks.  Let’s all play our part in promoting a safe and happy Halloween.